Future larps and the larp of the future

Even if the pandemic is not over yet (and we might face some more corona waves in the near future), we firmly believe that the hobby of larp can thrive again in 2022. With cozy community events, exciting adventure larps and large-scale summer conventions with thousands of participants.
At this year’s larp conference MittelPunkt, the focus is therefore directed forward. The motto is „The Future is Larp“ and from November 5th to 7th we will deal with future larps and the larp of the future. and will be inspired by a futuristically designed environment.

Future of the hobby
Compared to other creative fields like painting, literature or even film, even after more than 30 years larp is still a relatively young medium. The scene is still changing, growing and opening up to new concepts and ideas. We believe that this is a great strength of our hobby. The more different larp forms and approaches there are, the better.
Exchange of experiences and networking of all those who are active in the larp environment in terms of organization and design is the main focus of MittelPunkt. We will therefore look at new ideas, better tools and possible approaches to professionalization. But we also want to talk about (too?) high expectations of participants and about possibilities that volunteer organizations have to fulfill them or at least to steer them into realistic directions.

Futuristic larps
Compared to the big larp genres like fantasy or apocalyptic, classic science fiction larps have long been a fringe phenomenon. For some years now, however, there has been an ever-growing trend in this direction, which already brought some impressive projects to the larp scene. Many more ambitious concepts are ready to take off after the pandemic.
At this year’s MittelPunkt we want to bring together German and international designers and organizers of futuristic larps to present their projects, to network with each other further and to talk about their ideas but also the special challenges of the genre. Topics include spaceship simulations that feel as real as possible, dystopian realizations of a near cyberpunk future, and educational larps that address the issues surrounding artificial intelligence.

Evolving the medium
Away from larps, in the cultural and entertainment industries but also in the performing arts, there is also a trend toward interactive and immersive experiences. Many different players, from small theater troupes to giant companies like Disney and Warner Bros are experimenting with methods and forms of play that have long been used in larp. Organizations from the event and education sector are therefore turning to larpers to find support for their concepts – including in Germany.
At MittelPunkt we want to exchange ideas with different actors from sectors beyond larp about possibilities to participate actively in this development and to contribute our skills and experiences. But we also want to address possible harmful trends and improper conceptions of larp.

Practical information
The conference will take place at the Kreativ.Campus of the Waldritter e.V. in Herten. Tickets will cost 170,- Euro, including accomodation and breakfast (participants themselves are responsible for any other meals – the city center of Herten, where the venue is located, offers a rich variety of food at low prices).
We will have about 100 beds on the location, to accomodate participants. In addition, there will be the possibility to book tickets without accommodation and to take care of sleeping arrangements on your own.

A spaceship location
A spaceship in the middle of a city in the Ruhr area as a location for MittelPunkt? Actually it’s a former department store in downtown Herten, owned by the Waldritter e.V., a non-profit organization that uses playful means such as larp to provide youth and adult education. The organization purchased the building a few years ago to convert it into an educational facility – but indeed in the style of a spaceship. Almost 2,000 square meters of meeting and work space are in the making here, suitable for educational seminars and conferences such as the MittelPunkt, and can also be transformed into a large play area for larpers. The facility is still under construction and is expected to be ready for larps in early 2022. For the participants at MittelPunkt, however, there is already a first insight into the design and the manifold possibilities.

We are looking forward to three exciting days in worlds near and far.

Sign-up will be opened at the beginning of September.